Study in Europe

If you are interested in getting a quality education without having to pay high study fees, Europe is the place to be.

Famous for its lifestyle, culture, and diversity, Europe possesses a world-renowned education system that will provide you with an excellent foundation for your future success.

Study Europe was founded to promote the European education system as a low cost and high quality study destination.


In addition to being a service provider for students, we are also offering several other services in the field of international communication and cultural exchange.

Our main areas of expertise are as follows.


Studying and living in Europe

We offer full service packages for people interested in an educational stay in Europe. Whether this means a full university degree, a year or semester spent studying abroad or a stay at a language school, we take care of all the necessary steps from the initial legal and academic paperwork to assistance in every day life issues such as accommodation, bank accounts, insurance, etc.


Cultural exchange and international communication

In addition to our individual service packages for students, we also function as consultants and advisors for universities, cultural institutes, and foundations, trusts and other public and private organisations. Please enquire for our full list of available services.


Business relations

We also offer a wide range of services for private companies interested in utilizing the research capabilities, knowledge and skill pool available in Europe. For further information please contact us under: